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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Top Ten Ways To Spot The “Old School” Nurse

Note from Jim: This article is so funny...but so true sometimes! Not that I am "Old School" (ha ha!) Thank you to all our "old school" nurses that brought our profession so far against so many odds....... This article was originally reported in Scrubs and reprinted with permission by Modern Nurse........enjoy!
We sometimes hear a nurse referred to as “old school.” I take that to mean “in practice before the 1980s,” because that’s when I started!I’m not here to stereotype or anything (and this list is made with love and respect), but I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve found certain things to be true about nurses who’ve been in the profession for, well, a while.

The Old School Nurse:1.

1. Still wears her hair ABOVE the collar at work.2.Knows how to use a bath blanket and still prefers soap and water to body cleanser wipes.3.Owns a case of white leather shoe polish for a VERY distinctive pair of lace-up nursing shoes.4.Keeps a pack of mints in her pocket for post-op patients who have sore throats from the intubation.5.Wears ONLY two pieces of jewelry to work–a wristwatch and (if married) a plain wedding band.6.Keeps her school cap in a clear plastic tote on the shelf of her closet and her Nightingale Lamp in a glass display case.7.Makes hospital corners on her home bed sheets.8.Always carries an extra pen–with BLUE ink to distinguish an original form from a copy–just in case the doctor “forgets” to return the one he or she borrowed.9.Looks the other way if something which breaks the rules is in the best interest of the patient.10.Believes that nursing is a calling.

Monday, January 28, 2019



I wanted to share some exciting information regarding an upcoming conference that promises to be fantastic!
I spoke with Dr. Khan, Chairman of the NCVH and he advised this will be a full day packed with CME/CE lectures. 

This conference is accredited for Physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and Cath Lab Technologists.

Registration includes accreditation, breakfast, lunch and outstanding education presented by over 20 experts in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Enjoy and All Success!    Jim

For full details on the conference go to: